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Welcome to Mobile Storage Rental page on OnlineStorageDirectory.Com where you can quickly locate mobile storage unit of any size for rent. If you are looking to rent a mobile storage unit we can help you in getting one with just few clicks. Mobile Storage Rental has never been so easy. We can help you in a simple and quick way to fulfill your storage needs. Mobile storage is also termed as portable storage and it is a suitable, portable substitute to usual self storage and it is also safe and secure. In spite of taking our belongings to a self storage facility the mobile storage unit or portable storage unit is brought to you. If you are planning to rent a mobile storage unit, then you have come to the right place as you can find many mobile storage units rental providers here. You can rent a mobile storage unit from a mobile storage company which will bring a flexible and secure mobile storage unit or portable storage unit right to your office property or home.

Mobile Storage Company will drop of the unit on your property and then you can have as much time as you need to fill the mobile storage or portable storage unit. Once the mobile storage unit is loaded you can either store the unit at your office or home or any other location of yours or you can call the mobile storage company to come and pick the unit up. If you want them to pick the unit they can either store it at their warehouse or if you are planning to move to a new location then they can also deliver the unit to your new location as per your convenience. There are many quality mobile storage rental providers in the market which deals in both on site storage and off site storage.

If you are planning to rent a on site mobile storage units then you have to pay for a drop off charge and normally the same is the pick up charge which few mobile storage providers take upfront. So it is advised to rent a on site mobile storage from local portable storage rental company which will result in less drop off and pick up charges. Normally the rental varies from $60 to $150 and also depends on the size of the unit rented. If you are thinking of moving your belongings to new location then you will charged for the move which varies from company to company. If you are moving then mobile storage is often a suitable and reasonable option to renting a moving truck or paying $$$ to a moving company.

Mobile storage companies have vast customer base and there are different types of mobile storage units available in the market as per the customer’s requirement. Few of them are mentioned below:

  • Portable Storage Units
  • Shipping Storage Containers
  • Mobile Office (Includes storage space)
  • Trailers (Comes with wheels. Convenient for moving purpose.)
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