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Welcome to Portable Sanitation Rental page on OnlineStorageDirectory.Com. The portable sanitation industry has developed into a 1.5 billion dollar a year business. Worldwide, there are an estimated 1,400,000 portable restrooms in use, serviced by a fleet of more than 9,000 trucks. The portable toilet and restroom industry has grown worldwide because of the important economic benefits it provides to the construction and outdoor event industries.

Portable toilets and restrooms are used at construction and various work sites- commercial, industrial, residential, parks and recreation- parks, campgrounds, pools, private homes, government agencies- military facilities, sporting events- stadiums, auto races, golf tournaments, outdoor public gatherings- concerts, festivals, fairs, disaster relief- floods, fires, hurricanes and earthquakes, permanent human settlement areas.

Portable toilets and restrooms provide significant labor savings by saving time and saving money on construction and other work sites. Workers are more productive as they spend less time using the conveniently located sanitary portable toilet which leads them to spend more time completing the construction project work. The portable toilets can be easily relocated and are easily accessible and can follow the workers as the project progresses. Portable toilets and restrooms can be moved easily. For outdoor events like public gatherings- concerts, festivals, fairs etc. portable toilets generate more money for the event organizer because spectators or audience will stay longer and thus spend more money.

Portable toilets and restrooms provides sanitation facilities where water is not easily available which results in enhancing good environmental factors, health and maintains hygienic conditions. Portable toilets and restrooms gives surety to construction project managers or building owners that hygienic conditions are maintained on their property.

Demand of Portable toilets and restrooms is increasing day by day and provides a wonderful business opportunity for new or those companies who are already in the market. By providing a service that has whole lot of demand in the marketplace and which benefits society, owners of portable toilet companies are earning good returns on toilet rental and service with unlimited growth opportunity.

There are several models of portable toilets and restrooms available in the market. Some of the interior features which are available in portable toilets are:

  • Flushing systems
  • Hand wash
  • Coat hooks
  • Mirrors

And thus price of portable toilets vary as per the fittings provided inside. Range varies from basic portable toilets to mid-priced models to deluxe portable toilets.

If you are looking for portable toilet or restroom for your construction site or industrial site or residential site or for any other purpose you have both the options of either purchasing or renting one or many portable toilet or restrooms. Portable toilets and restrooms are available in different sizes & shapes & you need to check on your requirements before renting or buying one of these.

You can find top Portable toilets and restrooms providers in the market on onlinestoragedirectory.com and compare their prices.

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