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Welcome to Self Storage Rental page on OnlineStorageDirectory.Com. Here you would be able to find the self storage rental facility in your location. Self storage refers to a business that owns and operates a facility that is subdivided into self storage spaces or self storage units which are rented out to tenants, usually on a weekly or monthly basis with a signed lease. Self storage is a convenient way to store excess goods. If you are planning to rent self storage space or self storage unit then you have to bring your goods to self storage facility & you can unload it into your allotted storage space or storage unit.

If you are looking for self storage then we can certainly help you find the exact storage unit at the perfect self storage facility near your location. Self Storage is also known as off-site storage, mini storage or storage lockers. Self storage units come in many different sizes vary from as per the self storage facilities. Some self storage units are climate controlled self storage units, meaning that they are heated storage units and/or cooled storage units. Different storage facilities offer different amenities to keep the storage unit secure like gated storage, storage security camera monitored storage etc.

Most of the time customer has to use their own lock & they can keep the key. Disk lock is recommended as it is the most secure type of lock. Self storage facilities can also charge setup charge which is one time. After signing the lease agreement on lessee can access the storage space or storage unit provided to him/her.

You can rent storage space or storage unit as per you requirements. Below are the various dimensions of storage units provided by storage facilities:

5´ x 5´ x 4´ Storage Locker
5´ x 5´ 25 Square Feet
5´ x 10´ 50 Square Feet
5´ x 15´ 75 Square Feet
10´ x 10´ 100 Square Feet
10´ x 15´ 150 Square Feet
10´ x 20´ 200 Square Feet
10´ x 25´ 250 Square Feet
10´ x 30´ 300 Square Feet
15´ x 20´ 300 Square Feet

Some important factors to be considered before renting a self storage unit are :

  • Access to storage unit
  • Well kept and clean self storage units
  • Security measures for the self storage facility
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