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Welcome to the Car storage rental page on onlinestoragedirectory.com where you can quickly locate car storage rental units or space for rent or purchase as per your requirement. If you are looking to store your car, truck, motorcycle or other vehicle then this page can help you to gather whole lot of information. You can find the service provider as well as you can find some useful tips as well.

Cars are meant to be driven. If you are leaving your vehicle unattended and untouched for a long period of time it may cause something related to automotive atrophy, a slow worsening of the vehicle that can create problems when you try to start or drive it again. Rust and corrosion can damage body or inside parts, gum and varnish can clog the fuel system, sludge and acids can form in the engine oil and can result in malfunctioning, mildew can grow in the interior, and constant sunlight can slowly fade the paint and deteriorate vinyl, leather, and rubber parts and can result in cracks on the surface. That's why if you need to store your vehicle whether for the winter or because it can't be driven for an indefinite period of time, certain precautions should be taken before you put it into spider webs or mothballs.

The best place to store a car is out of the weather, preferably inside a building that's cool, dark, and dry. If you don't have a garage, look into Car storage rental units which offer reliable, dependable and affordable indoor storing space for your vehicle, investment or valuable collection. Car storage can be indoor or outdoor. Indoor vehicle storage is going to be similar to a garage with a roll up door. Outdoor vehicle storage is going to be similar to a parking space and is typically in a fenced in area. With car storage rentals, your car is stored in a climate controlled secure car storage facility designed to protect your assets from vandalism, theft and the elements of the weather.

Indoor storage is much more secure than outdoor storage but is also much more expensive. When renting a car storage unit, you eliminate the effect of fluctuating humidity and corrosion that can reduce the overall value of your vehicle. Most car storage facilities offer both indoor and outdoor Car Storage space to fit most budgets.

Car Storage Tips:

  • Place should be cool, dark, and dry.
  • If you are storing your car outside then cover it with a quality car cover that has thick, multi-layered fabric.
  • Don’t store your car with an empty tank as moisture can condense inside the system and cause rust and corrosion.
  • Pour a fuel stabilizer into the tank, to avoid gasoline from worsening.
  • Car should be clean and properly waxed.
  • Keep window slightly open
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